How I became the Face of my brand.

How I became the face of my brand.
Photographer had been booked.
Models had been paid for and call time communicated.
Small chops was available
Makeup artist and hair stylists were working on the mood board.
I was pumped as I needed images for socials.
20 mins past model call time,no models had come.
Started calling and it was one excuse after the other.
1 hr past model call time,everyone on set was getting antsy.
I had already started practicing the poses that the photographer was to show the models and how to hold the products.
1 hour and 20 mins, no one in sight!!

I looked into the mirror and said ‘Funke,the little
Beauty you have put it to good use today!!!

I looked at the entire team and said ‘I AM AVAILABLE,USE ME!!!!!!’

For a second I thought that consumers wouldn’t want to see an older person (Over 40 years old) being the face of a beauty brand in Nigeria.

Models came in late,joined the shoot at the end.
These images have been shared,commented on positively,used During brand exhibitions and increased brand patronage.

Lesson learned-You beautiful in your own way.
It’s never too late to serve face and looks.
You are your best influencer.
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Makeup: Efemena Akugbe for @diolsclassics

Photography:Jeremy Doro for @Jeremyimagine

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