How to Handle Burnout as a Beauty Brand Founder.

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Every entrepreneur experiences burnout at some point in their journey.This happens as we get to wear a lot of function hats especially if we are working lean with little or no staff.

Some entrepreneurs are lucky to have systems in place to grow their business but majority struggle with it.


For every time i had experienced burnout as a beauty brand founder,these activities made me feel grounded.


  • Acceptance: The first step is to recognise and accept that feeling of overwhelm. This helps determine what you need to do to find your self.


  • Talk Therapy : Speaking to a professional therapist doesnt mean you are going crazy. Its simply unpacking your mind and decluttering it.Seeking professional talk therapy helps you walk through your emotions, triggers and catalysts as to why you feel burnout.


  • Exercise: Studies have shown the positive effect of working out on the mind.The release of endorphis does wonders for the mind. Most beauty entreprenurs face a lot of challenges ranging from logistics to financial which can cause long term health challenges. Working out is an outlet to manage your health while tacking the daily challenges.


  • Unplug: There is always a trigger for breakdown.Take time to identify what that trigger is an unplug from it. Social media has shown to be one of those triggers.Its ok to unplug and take social media breaks.But make sure your business can run(website links, WhatsApp links and access to phone messages)


  • Travel if you can.Travelling overseas used to be an outlet for me.Those 16-18 hour flights were amazing for my mindset.Being in the sky does it for some of us.Clouds,Food,Movies,Music and just you and your mind. But COVID 19(LOL). If you can, just go.


  • Back to Basics: One of the things I do during a break is to go back to my business plan.Check my business journals of old goals, plans,visons and financial calculations. It really helps to find your way back to the why of your  business dream and puts you back in the driving seat.


I hope this helps someone.

Stay Building.



Funke Tonye Preghafi

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  • Ebi Kumene on

    You are so right!!!Talk therapy is gold.

  • Selena on

    Awesome tips Funke.Love you

  • Titi on

    Thank you so much for this.I will learn not to burnout

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